Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort

Nadine Caridi: 4 Sensational Things About Jordan Belfort’s Ex-Wife

Nadine Caridi, the Duchess of Bay Ridge, was once married to the infamous Jorden Belfort. She faced physical abuse and divorced the guy. Nadine had two kids with Jorden. But there’s much more than this.

Jorden Belfort, the real wolf of the wall street, is infamous for running a shady stock-market business and ruining the lives of his customers. The guy used to be a manipulator, scam artist, and charismatic scumbag.

He ran his business like a depraved Roman Emperor as Jordan use to reward his successful employees with drugs, alcohol, and hookers. They also use to play weird games at the office for some sort of points as shown in the Martin Scorcese’s movie.

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Belfort was married to his former wife, Denise Lombardo when he started the affair with the gorgeous ex-wife Nadine Caridi, also known as the Duchess of Bay Ridge.

The affair led to Belfort’s first divorce and marriage between him and Nadine, but even that marriage didn’t last. They also had children, but now living separately and probably happy and healthy lives.

Let’s put a spotlight on the life of the duchess in this short Nadine Caridi wiki (A stylish wiki), her relationships and current whereabouts.

Who is Nadine Caridi and Where She Came From

Nadine CaridiNadine Caridi was originally born in London, England on November 6, 1962. The beauty was raised in Bay Ridge of New York, that’s why she is also known as the Duchess of Bay Ridge.

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When she was young, she attended John Dewey High School. Because of her splendid looks and undying charm she quickly made a name for herself when she started modeling. In 1990’s she became the poster girl of a beer brand Miller Lite.

Along with that, she appeared in several national advertising campaigns including in commercials for Monday Night Football.

Caridi has the Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute, and the Duchess earned her Ph.D. in 2015.

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Meeting and Marrying The Former Scumbag, Jordan Belfort

Nadine and Jordan at a Beach

Jorden loved throwing fun parties filled with alcohol, drugs, girls and surprisingly even nice people use to attend those parties. So it was just another one of his parties, and Nadine participated in the party with her then-boyfriend, Alan Wilzig. The date was July fourth.

Now even Alan was not an ordinary guy; he uses to be a professional car race driver and the former president of the Trust Company of New Jersey. 

Nadine and Belfort got attracted to each other at first glance. You can imagine the kind of charisma Jorden would have been carrying to get the attracted to the gorgeous Duchess, who was already in a relationship with a fine guy. 

In the movie, Margot Robbie portrayed the character perfectly and sexily.

They had a spicy conversation at one of their early meetings where she clearly says, “We’re not gonna be friends!”

And that was the beginning of the romance between the f**king infamous Jorden Belfort and the gorgeous Duchess of Bay Ridge, Nadine Caridi.

She was familiar with Belfort’s substance abuse, but they still got married in 1991. The lavish ceremony took place in the Caribbean.

He also bought a yacht and named it after his wife, Nadine. This yacht was originally built for Coco Chanel, but Jordan got it somehow.

After the marriage, Nadine never worked again as a model but lived a life of a socialite and a loving mother.

Separating from the Substance and a Physical Abuser

The Separation of Nadine and Jordan

Jordan uses to stay high most of the time with drugs, alcohol and various pills. People living with a person with such habits often suffer from verbal and physical abuse. And Nadine’s experience was no different.

There’s an incident when Jordan kicked Nadine while carrying their little daughter. He was under the heavy influence of drugs. Later on, he went for a drive along with his daughter who sat on the passenger seat.

The idiot crashed the car while his daughter in it. Luckily no harm came to Chandler (the daughter).

He was also unfaithful to his wife and because of all this behavior, she decided to go on a separate path in 2005.

Children and Current Lives of Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort

John Macaluso, Nadine and Jordan Belfort

They both had two children the elder daughter named Chandler and a boy named Carter. Jordan did a shady business, and he was caught eventually by an FBI agent Gregory Coleman. 

In the court, the guy pleaded guilty to fraud, money laundering, and several other illegal activities. In 2003 he was sentenced to prison for four years but only served 22 months. May be because of his nice behavior or better lawyer, we don’t know for sure.

As crooked as he was, the guy had pretty nice experience doing business in stocks. Along with that he’s smart and has a charismatic personality. So he took the total benefit of his qualities and now living life as a motivational speaker and an author. Writing the bestseller book ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ makes him an author.

After the divorce with Belfort, Nadine married to a former entrepreneur from New York and CEO of Wizard World. The guy’s name is John Macaluso, and now she is known by the name Nadine Macaluso.

Two children of Caridi and Belfort lives with their mother, Nadine. And her current husband Jon who is 22 years older than Nadie has three daughters from his ex-wife.

Family of Nadine and Jon Macaluso
Family of Nadine and Jon Macaluso

Nadine, her children, Jon and his kids are living as a happy family under one roof.

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