Nia Renee Hill - Bill Burr Wife

Nia Renee Hill: 4 Cool Facts About Bill Burr’s Wife

Nia Renee Hill is a caring mother, a nice writer, actress and lovely wife of Bill Burr. Bill is a stand-up comedian. Nia Hill occasionally posts on Instagram.

Bill Burr is a Stand-up Comedian with his various shows available on Netflix. These shows are, “Let It Go” (2010), “You People Are All The Same” (2012), “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way”(2014) and “Walk Your Way Out”(2017).

He also co-created a show on Netflix, F Is for Family. Bill Burr provides his voice for the character Frank Murphy in the show. Previously this year, the second season of the show became available on Netflix.

Burr has played a role in movies that have grossed over $100 million just in the USA. His other tv show appearances include titles like Chappelle’s Show, New Girl and Breaking Bad.

Bill has previously appeared on several podcasts. And one day he decided to start his own. Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast is the one he runs. On the podcast, he talks about his life’ past and recent experiences, sports and a lot of stuff related to current events.

And if you didn’t know it, yet it’s true that Bill Burr is happily married. Nia Renee Hill remained the girlfriend of Bill for a long time, and the couple finally married in 2013.

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Appearances of Nia Renee Hill in Movies and Tv Shows

Nia Renee Hill - Bill Burr Wife

Hill’s acting career is quite short, and she only has minor appearances in a few short movies and tv shows. She hasn’t worked in any big film yet.

She has worked on three short movies and a tv movie. Her work on tv shows has the count of five. In one show she worked as a casting assistant and the show was The Education of Max Bickford.

Seems like she is not interested in acting much. Her appearances on the TV shows were never more than two episodes.

Nia Renee Hill played the character of Leslie for two episodes of the first season of Santa Clarita Diet. She has worked on F Is for Family, Lila, Long Distance, and Chappelle’s Show.

Hill has also been featured in his husband’s podcast a few times.

How Burr and Hill Met and Married

Burr was working on a comedy show when he met Nia Renee Hill. As Burr’s career took off, they both moved to Los Angeles.

The couple finally tied the knot in 2013. The couple has one baby daughter that was born earlier this year. Her birth date according to All Star Bio is January 20, 2017.

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Nia Renee Hill Instagram

Nia Hill has an Instagram account that she uses occasionally. She has near about 9k plus followers at the moment but not quite active there.

She uses the Instagram platform to share few happy and proud moments of her life, now and then. On the mothers day, she posted this video to celebrate the day.


A post shared by Nia Hill (@niasalterego) on

Here are some sweetest moments of Nia combined in one image. She shared these moments on her Instagram account.

Nia Renee Hill Instagram - Bill Burr Wife

She seems like such a happy wife of Bill Burr.

Nia is a Nice Writer

Nia and Bill is an interracial couple. And sometimes being with the person of another skin colour or religion can be discouraging, especially if any one of them has a low self-esteem.

But if even one person has a nice personality and a wise thinking, the relationship can be amazing and beautiful.

Nia wrote two articles on XOJane website. The title of one was, “I’m A Black Woman Who Dates White Guys — How To Not Be A D*ck”

And she did a pretty good job writing about the topic. Another title of her article is, “I Never Thought I Would End Up Here But Here I Am: My Life As A “Kept Woman.”

Here’s the link if you want to read it.

She wrote both of these articles in March 2013.

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