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Miley Cyrus Instagram’ Fan? Well, Time To Know Her Other Siblings!!

Yeah, yeah, we got it!! You are one of a die-hard fan and checks out the Miley Cyrus Instagram account day and night. Well, who wouldn’t? She has been everybody’s sweetheart at some point in time. People had watched her grow tremendously from her Hannah Montana days (she started filming for it when she was 11 years old) and is now 24 and has added so many skills to her list. She is an actress, singer, activist, and so many other things that every man, woman and child can look up to!

We think we know Miley cause of her Instagram updates or because of her music, but how many people know how many siblings Miley has in total? Miley has five other siblings – both half siblings as well as real siblings. Two from her mum Tish Cyrus and dad Billy Cyrus, two from her mum’s previous relationship and one from her father’s previous relationship.

Noah Cyrus is the most famous of Miley’s siblings. Miley Cyrus’ Instagram has helped her fans keep their eyes out for Noah. She recently performed her song ‘Make Me (Cry)’ at the iHeart Radio Awards. It also has over 57 million views on Youtube.

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FIVE more days until #iHeartAwards…so excited i could…cry ?#makemecry

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Trace Cyrus is Miley’s half-brother. He’s from Tish Cyrus’ previous relationship. Trace and Miley share a close bond too. Trace is a part of the band Metro Station, and they’ve had hits like ‘Shake It’ and ‘She Likes Girls’. He has been in a relationship with Disney Star Brenda Song for the longest time, which has garnered quite a bit of media attention. Well, just not some rumours from Instagram, but this has been actually going around. And not to mention, he has tattooed almost every part of his body, which helps increase his popularity.

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Braison Cyrus has featured most recently on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram. He’s a model who has been signed to Wilhelmina Models and has even worked alongside his older sister on her show, Hannah Montana.

Looking sophisticated

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Brandi Cyrus is Miley’s half-sister, from her mother’s previous relationship. They seem incredibly close, but Brandi doesn’t prefer being in the spotlight and doesn’t make too many public appearances for this very reason. She’s into fashion, DJ-ing and being an expert in the field of design.

And last, but not the least there’s Christopher Cody Cyrus who was Billy Ray’s son from a previous relationship. He is Miley’s half-brother, and there isn’t much that is known about this 24-year-old.

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