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Nicole Kidman Top 5 Movies That You Cannot Afford To Miss

Beautiful blonde Nicole Kidman is known as what many call one of Hollywood’s top Australian imports. However, she was actually born in Honolulu, Hawaii, when her Australian parents were at the islands on their educational visas. Let’s have a look at top five of Kidman’s movies!


Kidman grabbed her breakthrough role in director Phillip Noyce’s Dead Calm. Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill play a married couple who are coping with the death of their juvenile daughter by setting sail on an ocean journey in their yacht, and a mysterious stranger, Billy Zane, whose call for help renders deadly consequences. It is a tightly constructed, however, painfully intense thriller recognised for stellar performances from its gifted cast. Indeed, one of her best movies.

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Starring Nicole Kidman is a woman staying with her two children in the British countryside post-World War II. The Others works easily and patiently, raising the dramatic stakes with frosty precision while throwing in jolts after jolts to draw the viewer into the movie and keep them thoroughly right on edge.


Starring Nicole Kidman and Eckhart is a married couple in this one of the remarkable movies of all time. Rabbit Hole can be an uneasy watch, but all those tears are brought out for a pre-decided purpose. Tom Long has praised the movie by saying, “As heavy, stressful, relentlessly sad dramas go, this one goes quite well.”


Nicole Kidman portrayed a deadly fame-hungry femme fatale in To Die For. She plays Suzanne Stone, a New Hampshire woman whose dreams of stardom are thrown away by the fact that, in her mind, she’s been trapped away from the big city, by her idiot of a husband. “If you’ve hitherto failed to respond to the laid-back oddball appeal of Van Sant’s movies, fear not,” said Geoff Andrew, “This is a sharp, consistently funny blend of black comedy and satire on the deleterious effects of television.”


Although the storyline of Flirting follows the same old contours like other coming-of-age dramas, those performances — and the skill with which Duigan showcased his characters’ story — left many critics spinning. “Flirting is one of those rare movies with characters I cared about intensely,” praised Roger Ebert. “I didn’t simply observe them on the screen, I got involved in their decisions and hoped they made the right ones.”

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