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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Why He Left Cersei and Joined The Northerners

** Spoilers Ahead **

Season 7 of Game of Thrones has ended with leaving satisfaction, amusement, doubts, questions, fear, and excitement in the hearts of fans. From little finger’s execution, Dany and Jon’s (Aegon) love making to Jaime leaving Cersei, pretty amazing things happened.

Fans wanted these things to happen from a long time. Everyone who watches the show or read the books know that Jaime has something good in him, but Cersei is a pure monster. It was love that was keeping them together. But in the finale episode of Game of Thrones Season 7, Jaime finally decided to leave Cersei and went to the north to fight the army of the dead.

Cersei decided to betray Jon and Dany by not sending her armies North to fight the dead. Jaime couldn’t take it, and for once and for all he saw what a monster his sister/lover has become. She even ordered the hound to execute Jaime, and he left by saying the following words, “I don’t believe you.”

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau recently had a conversation about Jaime’s exit from King’s Landing with Huffington Post. Here’s what the actor has to say.

Jaime Lannister Cersei

Typical guy, you know? They have this beautiful relationship and then she says she’s pregnant, and he’s out the door. Can you believe it?!

No, that was a great scene, really, because we’ve been waiting for that moment a long time. There were so many other times when I thought that would be it, time for him to pack his bags, but I guess she finally took it one step too far. He saw what he saw, and he understood the threat [of the dead], and he understood that clearly if they don’t all work together, they don’t stand a chance.

And the fact that he knows his sister saw and recognized the same threat and her calculations led her to the exact opposite result — it’s just shocking. I don’t know why it took him so long to realize what the rest of the world always knew — that she is a crazy monster — but he finally did. And then he left.”

Now I am a huge fan of the show and watch every episode. Like all the other fans even I was wondering that Cersei has given the order to execute Jaime but why the hound did not kill him? Well, guess what, even Nikolaj doesn’t know the answer to this question. Here’s what he has to say. 

Cersei had the chance with both her brothers to kill them and she was threatening to do so, but both times she eased off on the trigger. I get that with Tyrion she was setting him up for failure ― making him believe that he was the hero of the day, that he negotiated this amazing support from the Lannister army and what a wonderful thing he did. So that makes sense. For Jaime, I would think he would think there was part of her that still understands that he really is the last person that she has.

That is the truth; that must resonate somewhere inside her. That would help. Or maybe the Mountain is just so thick that he didn’t get the eye signal. Maybe there’s a scene right after where she goes, “Why the fuck didn’t you kill him?! I gave you the signal!” I don’t know. Who knows. We’ll never know because that scene isn’t there, but that might be the case. Maybe she’s not so afraid of the undead, because she already has the Mountain, who’s undead, and she likes that she can control him.”

Now Jaime just said “I don’t believe you” before leaving. These four words and a sentence had so many meanings. Like, I don’t believe the person you have become, I don’t believe there’s no love between us, etc. Here’s what the Game of Thrones actor has to say about the last departing sentence. 

Is “I don’t believe you” saying “I don’t love you” or “I don’t believe I’m going to die.” My subjects as an actor was “This is it. I don’t believe in you anymore. I don’t believe in this, you and me. I don’t love you anymore.” That’s how I played it. Now, I’ve done that before and then you find out that’s not what they intended, but, you know, that was kind of my intention that that was it. She’s obviously always going to be a huge part of him and there won’t be a day where he won’t be thinking of Cersei because ― just like Tyrion is thinking about his father [Tywin] every day and his niece [Myrcella] and his nephew [Tommen] who would’ve been alive if it wasn’t for him ― it’s the same for Jaime. Cersei is always going to be there. He’s going to have so many hours of the day with a therapist from now on and every time it’s going to be back to Cersei. I think the whole “I’m in love with you” thing is not really there — it’s gone. But I may be wrong, who knows?

Here’s the whole thing in front of us guys, the complete explanation from the actor himself. Now we have to wait for the next season for two years?! Rumors are spreading that final season of Game of Thrones will air in 2019, that’s a lot of time, Phew.

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