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Nina Earl Wiki, Russell Westbrook’s Wife: 4 Untold Facts About Her

Russell Westbrook and Nina Earl are together since college. Nina Earl was born on January 16, 1989, in Upland, California, United States.

Her siblings are Michael Earl, Jonathan Earl and Benjamin Earl. 

Just like her husband, her hobbies include shopping, listening to music and playing basketball.

Her cousin is a former UCLA football great Kenny Easley. She has studied major in English.

Let’s know more about the basketball player Russell Westbrook’s wife, Nina Earl in this short and to the point wiki.

Nina Earl: An Amazing Basketball Player

Nina Earl Basketball UCLA

Image by Jason O. Watson

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She has been playing basketball since high school. In high school, Nina Earl played the sport for FBC that won Adidas Tournament of Champions in 2006.

Nina led her team in High School to the CIF 3AA championship in 2006.

In the year 2008, in 11 contests she scored in double figures and led the team in scoring five times.

Nina Earl was one of the fastest basketball players on her team.

In 2010, she played as the starter in the first five games of the season. Her best shot in the career from the field is .512.

UCLA mentioned her as one of the fastest players on the team and praised her by saying, she can play all positions on the floor.

Nina is really one of the best players in basketball.

Nina’s Husband Admires Her Greatly

Nina is an amazing and talented young woman and his husband know and greatly appreciate this fact.

Russell Westbrook talked about his wife in an interview with ESPN in 2013. Upon being asked about her, he responded with following words.

“She’s a smart girl. She’s in school right now, trying to get her master’s in psychology. She knows what she wants to do in life, which is great. That’s easy for me to cope with.”

The couple spent a lot of time together in each other’s affection. Nina and Russell are an inspiration for the couple goals. Check out their Instagram images below.

Missing my ♥️… where you at boo!?

A post shared by Nina Westbrook (@ninaamarie_w) on

Thankful. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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The two seems inseparable and may they stay that way. I mean, how often we see a couple being together for a long time and have this kind of spark in their life? Not often these days.

Nina Earl Welcomed Her Child, Noah

On 16 May 2017, Nina and Russell Westbrook welcomed their first child and named him Noah.

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Yes, it is a sweet boy. Westbrook went to social media and posted a black and white image with the news of their baby boy arriving in the world.

Full name of their son is Noah Russell Westbrook. On the Instagram feed of Nina, you can see their son in several images.

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The little guy cuddling with his mother, Sitting on the lap of Nina while Russell being beside them, Russell kissing Noah and in the below image see the little guy in a flying pose, it’s so much cute.

My little Noah ♥️

A post shared by Nina Westbrook (@ninaamarie_w) on

Strong Relationship of Nina, Russell and Charity Work

Nina Earl and Russell both went to UCLA, and both are basketball players. Till now you know that Nina is also pretty good at the game.

After years of being together when the guy purposed to the love of his life, he did it with a bang.

He gave Nina a ring having an expensive rock and the ring was worth $700,000.

According to TMZ, the ring was a 6-piece elongated cushion cut ring with VVS clarity made by Jason of Beverly Hills.

Love doesn’t see the money when it comes to it. But we the news companies and a lot of people promote and remain in wow with the price tag.

All I see here is total love and affection of the couple towards each other. He just wanted to give her the best within his reach, and this was it.

Charity Work

Now, Russell also knows how to do contribute things to the society through his money.

He started a foundation called “Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation.”

According to its website, the foundation is to inspire the lives of children, empower them to ask “Why Not?” and teach them to never give up.

He is doing a great job in it.

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