Reese Witherspoon, The Walk of Fame

Reese Witherspoon Cleaned Up Her Friend on The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Yeah, the 41 years old actress went to The Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier and just a few minutes before that, she told her followers on Instagram that she’s going to meet her friend.

And to everyone’s surprise that friend was her own star on the Walk of Fame. She cleaned it up with a cloth and gave it a little pep talk. Also advising it to not let the world walk all over it.

But you know the young lady that its inevitable.

Her story is live on her Instagram account and TMZ also captured the Insta story of the actress and here it is.

And here’s the Instagram image of Witherspoon.

When you run into a friend on the street…⭐️?⭐️ (Check out my stories for the visit!)

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