Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood

Robert Wagner: Is He the Reason For, Natalie Wood’s Death?

After investigating for nearly six years, the Los Angeles police investigators have finally claimed the person of interest, Robert Wagner to be involved in the suspicious drowning of his wife
Natalie Wood.

November 29 marks the 35th anniversary of actress Natalie Wood’s death, but her then-husband Robert Wagner still feels her loss.

Robert Wagner, the star writes, “When Natalie died, I thought my life was over.”

He talked about that wretched time in an interview with Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan on Friday, November 18.

Well quite two contradicting aspects of one heck of a story!! Let’s unravel the claims made by the investigators though.

For this let me rewind a little bit and to the yesteryears.

The couple was into nine years of their marriage when Natalie drowned in an unfortunate mishap on a boat trip near the coast of California in 1981.

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The mystery regarding her drowning was never clear although according to the investigations Robert, her husband was the last one to be with Natalie before she disappeared.

Now, Wagner, 86, has always denied any involvement in the former child star’s death and he exclaims that he still feels the loss.

Reeling on with the story, it was revealed that Natalie once exclaimed that she was “frightened to death by water.”

A two-week investigation was conducted which deduced that she died in a drowning accident.

But they say truth cannot remain in a coffin for long.

The L.A. Coroner’s Office altered the death certificate in 2012 after reopening the case
and in an exciting twist of tale, The manner of death was altered from “accidental drowning” to “drowning and other undetermined factors.”

Well, the mourning husband Robert seems to change the story every time the investigators probe him and most of the time refuse to talk with them.

Can you trace out the truth behind all this mystery that shrouds the death of Natalie Wood?

Whom do you believe the investigators or the husband at a loss, Robert Wagner?

Well, Robert would have something to lose it seems, isn’t it?

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