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Ryan Reynolds Wife Gets Jealous Sometimes as She’ Also Human

Blake Lively Usually is Pretty Sweet

All the fans of Ryan Reynolds know that who is his wife, and she is none other than the gorgeous actress Blake Lively. The couple has been married for four years since Sep 9, 2012. Both love each other very much and have two beautiful daughters together named Ines and James. When there’s love, sometimes jealousy comes naturally. Apparently at that moment when a wife sees her husband kissing or making out with another girl. In real life that would be disaster and end of the marriage or a relationship. But I am talking about the film’s scenes here.

Deadpool movie had a scene in which Ryan Reynolds makes out with his co-actress Morena Baccarin.

Blake Lively the beautiful wife of Ryan Reynolds was once travelling by plane with her daughter, and they were watching Deadpool on the way. Now when that make-out scene was rolling Blake felt kind of torture as she told on Jimmy Fallon show. See what the lovely wife has to say about the scene.

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Now, she clearly does get jealous after seeing her husband on screen with someone else making out. But Ryan Reynolds doesn’t feel the same. He’s somehow ok with his wife kissing some other man on screen. Because he knows that it’s part of the job. Here’s what he had to say about it in an interview with Elle.

– Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds – Ryan is in Dog House? Why?

“I don’t mind that as much. I don’t mean that in a creepy way. What people don’t realise is, there are 50 or 60 tired, hungry, overworked crew members standing directly behind them. But the Deadpool one, I remember shooting it and thinking, This is going to be tough playing in the headrest of every seat on a plane.”

So Ryan Reynolds is all cool with his wife, but Blake is not. But they both very much love their children. The couple says their daughters are the best things happened to them.

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I think that loving your children and being friends with them is crucial. And if you are in a profession of acting then you should understand that kissing and making out on screen is not done with feelings. That’s just for the sake of work and part of the acting. Look how lovely the family looks in the image below. I wish the couple best and hope they stay together till death.

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Ryan Reynolds Wife Blake Lively

Written by Pankaj Sharma

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