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Salma Hayek Movies That You Need To Watch Now!!

Salma Hayek, the dazzling Mexican, American actress, has played myriads of stunning roles throughout her career in Hollywood. She landed her first major role as Teresa in a TV-series of the same name when she was 23 years old. Since then, she has done movies covering multitudes of a genre and earned much deserved global fame. In every film, she has done, and in every role, she has played, she shines brighter than a star. Here are top three Salma Hayek movies of all times!


Salma Hayek played the title role in the biopic Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist who directed her torment and anguish, stemming from an injury and turbulent marriage, into an exceptional work of art. Salma Hayek did complete justice to what was required of her in order to play the part of a real-life inspirational artist. Such was her dedication to the role that it’s impossible to picture someone other than her playing the part. The movie was a major success and was included by The American Film Institute in their Movies of the Year 2002, Official Selection.

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Salma Hayek played the title role of Everly, an undercover prostitute who takes on some of the most influential men running a powerful organization. Salma looks incredibly beautiful and carries the air of confidence about her in every scene. She also did not fail to astonish everyone with her kick-ass action sequences, stunts, and vigour in the movie. The film was a smack in the face of anyone who thought actresses are any less than the actors in the film industry. Indeed, one of her best movies to watch.


This is one of her classic movies that turned Salma Hayek into an overnight star. If you know her, there is a great chance that you have seen or heard of Desperado. It holds the title, and for good reasons too, as one of the best films of all times. She plays Carolina, who falls in love with a dangerously mysterious musician. The story line of the film doesn’t end on a happy note, but it ends with every viewer admiring Hayek for her awe-inspiring work. She proved to the world that she was way more than just a pretty girl!

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