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Sandra Bullock donated $5000 to a pool manager! Just Wow!!

Sandra Bullock recently made a huge life changing donation to a pool manager who needed it direly. When she learned that Svend Petersen, who worked as a pool manager for the Beverly Hills Hotel fell on hard times and found himself without a home, Sandra Bullock didn’t hesitate in donating $5000 to him. Along with her bountiful contribution, The Proposal actress shared an encouraging message from her son Louis, telling the nicknamed ‘Poolside Prince’ that ‘Everything is going to be ok!’

The 82-year-old tugged at the heartstrings of the masses when his GoFundMe campaign went viral last week.

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Svend, who was employed at the iconic hotel as pool manager for more than 45 years, serviced for bigwigs of Hollywood like Marilyn Monroe and Fred Astaire. That’s how he came to be known to his famous clientele as the Poolside Prince and ‘Cabana King.’

However, as per his GoFundMe page, after retiring Sven was ‘swindled’ by unethical realtors who manipulated the elderly into selling his house! It left the beloved pool manager without a home and owing over ‘$71,000 in taxes’ to the IRS.

Times got so hard for the former Beverly Hills Hotel employee that he said he sometimes went even days without eating or managed to survive on merely ‘two bananas a day.’ Things got even serious when the retiree was recently admitted to a hospital with a severe infection.

The response to Svend’s predicament was quick and energetic. He was able to raise over $30,000 in a period of 10 days and well over the $5900 goal which he had set to help himself find an apartment.

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Sandra Bullock made sure of spreading a hopeful message by her seven-year-old son, Louis ‘Everything is going to be ok!’

Miss Congeniality is not a stranger to philanthropic giving. The Southern Belle is an active supporter of the American Red Cross. Sandra Bullock has donated $1million to the organisation four times separately.

Sandra Bullock might be a generous benefactress in real life, but her next role is going to be that of a cold-hearted thief. The talented actress stars as Debbie Ocean in the highly anticipated Ocean’s Eight. The movie is speculated to be out in 2018.

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