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Cool Facts of Sexy Kaley Cuoco You Never Know Before

Do you know about an actress who ranked 54th best tennis player in Southern California? Well, it’s none other than our sexy Kaley Cuoco. Let’s dive right into more interesting facts about her.

1. Did you know what is her full name? Well, it’s Kaley Christine Cuoco-Sweeting.

2. She is 31 years old at this time and was born in California.

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3. Her mother is a homemaker and father is a California based realtor.

4. Her favorite show was ‘Three’s company’ and guess what, Kaley Cuoco worked with John Ritter in her debut role.

5. She has also given voice to Brandy Harrington in the cartoon Brandey and Mr. Whiskers. Here, Brandy Harrington is a 14 year old dog by the way.

6. She is a vegan, we now know where she got that sexy glow from.

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7. She won the teen choice award in 2003.

8. Ever wondered how Kaley Cuoco got that sexy physique? Well, she is playing tennis since the age of three.

9. She has also played a small role in Prison Break.

10. She played a leading role in the horror movie ‘Killer Movie’ in 2008.

11. She loves riding horses. She even owns a horse.

12. She also loves dogs and has a German Shephard named Duke.

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13. Kaley Cuoco once dated Kevin Zegers.

14. She started a role in the Big Bang Theory in 2007.

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15. She proudly donned a tattoo which symbolises faith.

16. She has confessed about her weakness to shopping and has also revealed that she even has some of those sexy clothes in her wardrobe and which she has never worn.

17. She loves the Gucci brand.

18. She dated Johnny Galecky aka Leonard for two years and nobody bet an eye. We wonder, why?

19. She also played on the series “Charmed”.

20. Well, we don’t know if you can handle this or not but she and her team of Big Bang were taking $325,000 for an episode.

21. She got married to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting in 2013.

22. Before the day she was getting a divorce from her husband Ryan Sweeting, she deleted all his pictures from Instagram.

23. She is 5’7 and lives in California.

24. Kaley Cuoco is a big fan of Taylor Swift. Well, who is not?

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