Shemar Moore Wife or Girlfriend

Shemar Moore Wife: Everything About The Dating Life of The Actor

Shemar Moore is model turned actor, best known for his role as Derek Morgan in Criminal’s Mind. His other commendable work is as Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless (1994) and as the host of Soul Train.

His current ongoing show is S.W.A.T on CBS, where he plays the lead role of Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelson.

Shemar is a quite charming guy that likes to flirt but in a decent manner that even girls don’t mind him acting like that.

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In how many relationships the American actor has been till now? What is his current relationship status? Has the guy ever been married? Does he have any kids? Who is Shemar Moore’ wife?

I will shed light on all these questions about Shemar Moore in this article.

Shemar Moore’ Dating Life and History

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Shemar is 47 years old at this moment in 2017. Till now he has been in eight relationships according to the website WhosDatedWho.

This number includes his three minor relationship encounters. Which were with Victoria Rowell (2006), Gabrielle Richens (2006) and Bobbie Phillips (1993-1994).

I don’t know how much time the actor spent with these beautiful young ladies of their time.

Here are the remaining girls with whom Shemar have been in real relationship. They are Toni Braxton (1994-1995), Halle Berry (1997-1998), Ashley Scott (2002-2003), Kimberly Elise (2004-2005), Lauriane Gilliéron (2007).

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Now, every girl has some special qualities but one name in this list is the A-list actress. Halle Berry, name rings the bell like, Wow he dated Halle Berry, she is the Oscar winning actress.

Shemar Moore Wife and Marriage

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Shemar dated almost eight girls and he is 47, but you will be surprised to know that the actor have never been married.

He did not had the privilege of having a wife in his home yet. And if we look at the time span of his relationships, it’s pretty small.

He has never been in a relationship for more than a year or even near about a year. What can we make out of this. I don’t want to sound bad but I am having all kind of thoughts.

Like, what if the guy is not capable of satisfying his partner sexually. Or not even able to put a child in a woman’s belly. I am not saying it’s the truth, but I am saying, it could be the truth.

Or Shemar Moore just could be behaving awkwardly while being in a relationship. Or he’s just a normal and perfectly healthy guy who just don’t want to be in a relationship.

We don’t know it.

Shawna Gordon and Shemar’ Affair

Shemar Moore Wife or Girlfriend

A name that is not included in the eight relationships of Shemar Moore is Shawna Gordon. Shawna is an American soccer player. The lovely lady plays for Sky Blue FC in the National Women’s Soccer League as the midfielder.

According to article bio, Shemar Moore and Shawna Gordon were dating till earlier this year. Reportedly they started dating last year and were spotted multiple times holding each other’s hands in public places in Los Angeles.

Moore praised her girlfriend publicly by saying that she is the sexiest athlete in the world. In return Gordon said that he has better abs than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Shemar Moore on Wife, Girlfriends and More

In December 2016, Shemar appeared on the late night show of Andy Cohen. One caller asked him a question that how does he keep the ladies off him as he is so handsome. She also asked if he is dating at the moment.

In respond to that Shemar responded in a weird manner, saying I am always dating. The actor said he doesn’t have any rings on his fingers yet but he’s constantly dating and he don’t do anything to keep the ladies off from himself.

He said, I let them keep climbing on me until one of them stick.

Now hold on man, you are famous, you are handsome, you are constantly dating. Then why are you not settling with anyone or making a girl your wife.

There could be the following reasons.

Like I assumed before, he’s not sexually capable. or he thinks himself as a Casanova or something like that. Who constantly wants to date and never settle down. 

Written by Pankaj Sharma

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