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Skai Jackson: An Inspiration, The Fascinating Things About Disney Star

Skai Jackson is famous among the kids with her performance as Zuri Ross in Disney’s TV series Jessie. She received so much love from the fans for her role that she even reprised it on Bunk’d.

Bunk’d is the spinoff of Jessie series.

Skai is born and raised in the New York City, NY. Her birth date is April 8, 2002, and her sun sign is Aries.

The young actress has more than 3 million followers on her Instagram account. And interestingly, most of her updates get over hundreds of thousands of likes. That’s just incredible ratio for anyone with an Instagram account.

You will know very interesting and inspiring things about Skai in this article. Keep reading.

Skai Jackson in Movies and TV Shows

Skai Jackson Movies and TV

The young actress has twenty-three credits as an actress on IMDB. This includes her performances in movies and tv shows.

Her first major acting role was in 2007’ independent movie, Liberty Kid.

Later, she portrayed the role of Kicking Girl in The Smurfs. Skai also appeared in 2009’s romantic comedy The Rebound.

She has also worked in an episode of hit HBO series, Broadwalk Empire in 2011. She voiced the character called Little Fish on Bubble Guppies, an animated series.

Other interesting movie appearances of Skai Jackson are Little Girl in Arthur (2011), Roadblock’s daughter in G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) and Lacy Casey in My Dad’s a Soccer Mom.

Her other work apart from Hollywood movies and tv shows is working in the commercials for Band-Aid bandages and some other national commercials. She uses to do this before working in the TV series and movies.

Skai’s Family and Early Days

Jackson has a sister and a brother. Unfortunately, her parents’ marriage came to an end and after their divorce, she stayed with her mother, Kiya Cole.

In an interview with Refinery29, Kiya Cole told a lot of things about her dear daughter. She revealed that Skai was just 9 months old when she started.

Kiya sent Skai’s images to two modelling agencies after her little baby was complimented by few people on being super cute.

She got the response on the same day from those agencies and then she decided to go with it.

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Kiya was working at a post office at that time and was having a hope that her daughter could make enough money to go to college.

And that’s how it all started. Skai Jackson was nine years when she got selected for starring in Disney’s Jessie series. And the rest is history.

Skai Jackson’ Own Clothing Collection With Nowadays

#NowSkai available at Macy’s. ?in bio to shop. Girls sizes 7-16 | Juniors sizes 1-5 ✨

A post shared by Skai ♛ (@skaijackson) on

Well, Skai’s mother made the right decision to send her images to those modelling agencies after getting some compliments. Not a lot of people think like that.

You know how things started for the little actress as I have written above. But did you know that this little girl at the age of 15, was all over the New York Fashion Week earlier as an official ambassador for Teen Vogue.

The girl has become an entrepreneur at the age of 15 by launching her own collection with Nowadays brand. Her collection became available from October 15, at Macy’s and Nowadays Shops.

Her clothing collection is for the fall season. It includes collared shirts, cropped sweaters, matching skirts and much more.

Cassandra Jones, senior vice president of Macy’s fashion told her views about this new collection to Vogue.

She said, “Skai Jackson is an incredibly talented and stylish young woman who also has a wonderful rapport with her fans, and we are thrilled to partner with Nowadays to bring Skai’s distinctive point of view to shoppers and fans alike.”

The girl has 3.1 million followers on Instagram. That’s a lot of exposure potential for any brand. And miss Jackson is doing a fantastic job with it.

You can see the promotional images of her Nowadays collection all over her Instagram account. She even dedicated a hashtag to it, #NowSkai.

Her bio reads the following: My Nowadays clothing line will be in Macy’s Oct 15th-Dec 31st #NowSkai.

Skai is an Inspiration, Know How

Skai’s life is an inspiration for every mother of this generation and for every teenager. Her mother took the right decision of sending her images to the modelling agencies.

And took the full responsibility of her child, and look where that child is now. Several clothing companies are struggling these days get the attention of teenagers on social media.

But when Skai Jackson got the attention of her young fans, she made just the perfect move and became an entrepreneur at the age of 15.

By launching her own collection with a collaboration of Nowadays clothing brand.

I bet her clothes are selling like hot cakes. Every teenager is not famous like Jackson but they can get the attention of people on social media by interacting with as many people as they can.

After having enough followers a person can start something of their own even while being in college.

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