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Snoop Dogg Net Worth And Recent 4/20 Celebration

Snoop Dogg is not the only celebrity who is open about his love for weed, but he is definitely the OG. He has an estimated net worth of $143 million. The rapper has been lighting up fans for a long time. For the last 17 years to be precise. He first did it in 1992 on his debut on Dr Dre’s “The Chronic”. So it was not the most surprising thing when he turned out to be one of the firsts to Tweet well-wishes on 4/20, which is also known as Weed Day.

Snoop tweeted “4 m****f***in 20 #merryjane” in the early hours on Thursday.

He also shared an imagery, which included a headline about a plan by Bob Marley’s son, Damian, of buying a former prison and transforming it into a marijuana farm. Snoop Dogg captioned the photo with “I may b next lil bruh great chess move”.

I may b next lil bruh great chess move ????

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His net worth is fancy so does his mansion located in Claremont, California. He owns a spa, recording studio, pool table, basketball court, tennis court, well justifying his net worth. Snoop Dogg is known for doing what he says he will do. And even when it comes to drugs, he has been reaping the harvest from legalised pot! He can be called “cannabis connoisseur” for he is a major investor in Casa Verde Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in Marijuana start-ups.

Last year, the 45-year-old, opened up in one of his interviews, that he was happy to see the change in perspectives about pot, though “I wish it had changed 15 years ago when they were taking me to jail for it.” “I feel like marijuana is a real peace conversation — what I mean by that is the form of peace in a conversation,” he had said. “Any time you have a couple of people smoking, they’re never hostile or angry.”

Snoop Dogg might have an eccentric thinking when it comes to ways of bringing peace in the world, but nobody can deny that he is not putting his ideas on the table.

Dogg has sold twenty-three million albums in the U.S. and thirty-five million albums globally since his inaugural appearance at Dr Dre’s in 1992, giving a boost to his net worth. Snoop’s debut album, Doggystyle, came out in 1993 under Death Row Records, hitting number one on the Billboard 200. With his net worth, there is no doubt he is living a lavish life. He owns a convertible manufactured by Pontiac, limousine and Coupe DeVille.

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