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Sue Aikens Wiki: Net Worth, Life Below Zero – Know All About Her

Sue Aikens bio is inspiring, and her life story is unlike any other. We’ve learned a lot about her through the popular TV series ‘Life Below Zero’. She has also become famous for other three different shows.

As a child, little Sue spent a lot of time in Chicago, IL, half hour’s drive from her birthplace. The last place she lived before Alaska was Palatine, IL.

Sue’s mother left her father and decided to move to Alaska when Sue was around her 12th birthday.

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Can you imagine a suburban Chicago teen girl coexisting with bears in her backyard and even that in the temperature as low as -80 °F (-60 °C). Yeah, Sue had to deal with all that.

Before Life Below Zero, which aired in 2013, Sue was a hostess at the Kavik River Camp.

Before LBZ series, she appeared in Sarah Palin’s Alaska (2010; as herself – Camp Manager) and Flying Wild Alaska (2011-2012; as herself – Supervisor and Station Agent at the Kavik River Camp).

Sue is excellent with rifles, she lifts weights and is very strong, both physically and emotionally. And many people question that was Sue Aikens in the military? As far as we know, no she wasn’t.

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Let’s find out more on this reality star’s net worth, bio, information including husbands and kids.

Attacks on Sue and How She Bore Them

Sue Aikens - Life Below Zero

In 2007, Sue once went to collect water at the river, and a young bear attacked her. Unfortunately her both hands were engaged, and that made her unable to grab her pistol.

The bear grabbed her by the head and shook repeatedly. Susan managed to escape, and the same later day she shot the bear. Her hips had been dislocated, and she had to sew her head together, and her arm.

Another horrific incident was her snowmobile crash in 2015. Aikens was severely injured: she had two joints torn and a collarbone broken.

After the injury, she required surgery at a Fairbanks hospital and now has a dozen of screws, two titanium plates, plus surgical wire holding her bones together. Recovery after the snowmachine crash was slow and hard on her health.

Two years later, Sue sued the TV series producers, alleging she was forced to film dangerous scenes for fictitious narratives. The lawsuit lists defendants including the BBC and three of its subsidiaries.

It alleges the defendants breached a contract and intentionally caused Aikens emotional distress. The suit asks for an unspecified sum to be awarded.

Sue Aikens Family, Husband, Children, Grandchildren

Sue is a person who likes to keep her private family life away from the spotlight. That is why there are little details on her family. However, Sue Aikens has two daughters both married and living in the United States. She has a son who married to his long-standing girlfriend in October last years.

Despite the fact living far from her children and grandkids she has managed to maintain love and relationship in the family.

She is usually exchanging words through social media. She sends rare things from cold Alaska to her children and grandchildren.

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Similarly, she receives gifts and other materials from her family. Currently, she owns a dog which her grandchildren sent her after raising for a year.

Sue’s happy days turn to reality when her grandkids come to visit her during summer seasons. Having lost an infant grandson named Kamon in 2013, she is all happy now.

Sue Aikens Age

Sue Aikens is a star who comes from Alaska. She was born on July 1 in 1963. The 54-year-old Alaskan lived on a tropical island at one point in her life, which she doesn’t recall the name.

At the early age of 12, Sue has experienced lots of challenges and hardships, but she has always marked out fearlessly. Bad Weather, scarce food supply, and Fuel were some of the difficulties she has gone through.

Throughout her life, she has learned to wake up each day without the fear of injury, death or loss of career to cope with the excessively harsh conditions that she lives in the Alaskan wilderness.

Sue Aikens Net Worth

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Sue Aikens net worth is mostly generated from her shows. Life Below Zero made her a talking star in the city. She has become famous on National Geographical channel and other prominent platforms which gave her a huge fame day by day and built her a Ransom amount in a brief period.

Sue Aikens net worth is not just relying on one show; she is part of three other different shows.

She is very accustomed to nature and the inhabitants of river camp. In her camp, she has managed to have at least six people a net worth $4,500 per week.

Sue Aikens Net worth is almost $500,000. Her camp is the desirable place for fishing and hunting, and all types of equipment are provided for the same.

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