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Taylor Swift Instagram Got Active But Other SM Accounts Still Numb

The Story

Taylor Swift use to update her Instagram account multiple times in a week. But from few weeks the Blank Space singer wasn’t posting anything at all on Instagram. Other than a recent post that she shared one day ago, she wasn’t posting much. The last post she had shared on her Instagram account before this was nine weeks ago. Taylor Swift is available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So if you are thinking that she might be using other social networks, then you are wrong here my friend. The last post she made on her Facebook page was on April 5, 2017, and the last tweet on her Twitter account is on January 29, 2017.

It looks like Taylor Swift is taking a break from social media. Not only social media but she’s avoiding being public as we haven’t seen her any recent paparazzi images. Swift is in some hideout, taking a break or working really hard on something. The post she shared near about 24 hours ago is the following.

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On. Repeat. Til. The. End. Of. Time‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️❗️ @haimtheband

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She shared this post probably while listening to the latest song of the Haim band, Want You Back. She captioned “on repeat till the end of time.” That means Taylor Swift really like this song and listening to it on repeat mode. That’s why she cared to share it on her Instagram account with her 101 Million fans. She also posted the same update on her Facebook page.

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Now fans really missed her. Because on social media fans wait for the updates from their favourite stars and especially when the stars update their feeds several times a week. Here are some of the comments that shows how much Taylor Swift’s fans missed her on Instagram.

Taylor Swift Instagram

My Opinion

I think it’s ok to stay away from social media accounts for a period and giving full attention to our normal life. Whether a person is famous or not, first of all, they are human. And sticking to our phone or posting stuff on social media regularly is not fun at all. I am just sharing my opinion here; I don’t know what Taylor’s intention behind this social media break was.
Now, on the other side, some people might think that she is promoting the Haim band. But I think she might be only sharing it on her Instagram account because she likes the song and wants to let the world know about it. People share stuff on Instagram or on other social networks when they like it.

What are your point of view on this matter? Let me know in the comments below.

Written by Pankaj Sharma

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