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Taylor Swift’ Net Worth Will Make You Go Dizzy, Like Really

We recalculated Taylor Swift’s net worth and the results are staggering

She is a 27-year old who’d make any other 27-year old go green with envy. She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she makes amazing music, she’s loved worldwide and she’s rolling in money. Her youtube views are in the multiples of hundred millions on an average, and her fan following is 7.6 times the population of Canada. Yes, she’s the one and only, Blank Spaces superstar, TAYLOR SWIFT.

With all this success, fame and money, we’ve to wonder what Taylor Swift’s net worth might be. How much would she be worth in monetary terms? Well, she’s priceless and we’re not trying to commodify her by equating her to a monetary value. But we thought it’d be fun arriving at a symbolic figure representing her fame and success. We’ve used a formula given by an eminent entrepreneur and have included a number of factors other than her monetary net worth while evaluating her total net worth. And the results are… well, we’re not going to reveal that right now, but we can tell you that our 10 fingers were barely enough to count all the digits of her total net worth.

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taylor swift net worth

Taylor Swift’s monetary net worth was recently evaluated to be at a whopping $250 million! But this is just one part of her total net worth. The 27-year old ranked #1 on Forbes’ The Global Celebrity 100 2016 list.This ginormous amount of wealth is supposed to have been accumulated from her album sales, tours, streaming, publishing and her multiple sponsorship deals with high-end brands like Diet Coke, Apple, Elizabeth Arden, etc. She has also been a cast member in various movies such as Valentine’s Day (2010), The Lorax (2012) and The Giver (2014).

taylor swift net worth

The superstar, apart from having a fat bank account, apparently loves splurging on real-estate. Over the years, she has bought a number of marvellous properties across the US. She is reported to have spent near about $44 million buying residences in Beverly Hills, California, Nashville and Tennessee. She was just 20 when she purchased her $2 million Nashville property in 2009. The penthouse apartment in The Adelicia complex in downtown Nashville, is spread over 4063 square feet and boasts 3 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a study overlooking the living room and even a wine storage room. She has done up the apartment in a “whimsical, quirky, eclectic treehouse style.”

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Taylor Swift Net Worth
The Adelicia

In 2011, she purchased another magnificent property, this time in the upmarket Beverly Hills of California. The Cape-Cod style home cost her $3.97 million and boasts of 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

Taylor Swift Net Worth - Cape Cod
Swift’s Beverly Hills House

2 years later, in 2013, Taylor Swift bought an 11000-square feet mansion overlooking the ocean in Rhode Island, and reportedly made a cash payment for it for about $17.75 million. She hosted a grand 4th of July weekend celebration at her colossal summer house in 2015 and her guest list was made up a number of Hollywood A-listers.

taylor swift net worth
Swift’s magnificent Rhode Island Mansion

In 2015, she added yet another residence to her remarkable real-estate portfolio by purchasing the Tribeca, New York loft from the Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson. The apartment has gorgeous polished wood floors, exposed wooden beams and brick walls which lend it a very rustic feel. The huge apartment boasts of 7 bedrooms, 5.5 bedrooms, a spacious living room and a dining hall, and Swift is known for using this apartment to host grand get-togethers with her friends.

Her apartment in Tribeca

Taylor Swift has all of this and much more which makes up her stunning net worth. She’s obviously a lot more than just the money she makes, and that’s why her net worth is also much more than just her big bank account and her fancy residences. We have attempted to look at all those factors which are a part of her magnificent total net worth and arrive at a more inclusive total net worth figure.

Before we reveal the results of our new calculations, it is imperative that we invoke Patrick Bet-David in this story. For those who don’t already know him, he is an American entrepreneur and financial advisor, with a $100 million company which he developed in just seven years. He makes high-powered videos on entrepreneurship and finances which offer some practical advice on how to go about in life regarding these things. He has quite a fan following, and each of his videos receives a few hundred thousand views on an average.

He is relevant to this story about Taylor Swift’s net worth because of one of his videos— the video puts the concept of net worth in a whole new light, and it is quite amazing. Once you get an idea of Bet-David’s idea of “net worth”, you’ll have a transformed perspective on Taylor Swift’s net worth, and it’ll be quite different from the figures churned out by complicated algorithms, which despite all their complexity, still don’t take into account the human factors which contribute to net worth.

Patrick Bet-David

According to Patrick Bet-David, net worth is not only a matter of money, but it has other aspects as well. These other aspects, apart from your financial standing, are— health, skills and influence. Your financial net worth is a byproduct of the other aspects, and not the other way around, because these other factors are going to help you make money. I’m not going to go into great detail about these aspects but will just touch upon to give you an idea about how they matter. Your health, both physical and mental, is crucial because it enables you to enjoy the experiences that money can buy, and helps you make more money to be able to buy more of the experiences that you enjoy. Your skills will ensure that you are able to do something of value and thus get paid for it. Your influence and voice are important because if you’ve got people following you, you are also attracting money. People with a high number of subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Email, etc. are also people who making money because of the high number of their subscribers. These, in a nutshell, are the factors other than monetary, which make up one’s net worth. You could check out the entire video and be inspired by it, here:

So while we’ll look at the financial aspect at Taylor Swift’s net worth, we’ll also be evaluating her total net worth, keeping in consideration the other factors.

Health Valuation of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is in the pink of her health, both physical and mental. She’s high on enthusiasm and energy, and her vibrant music videos and power-packed live performances are a proof of it. She looks absolutely gorgeous and she’s got a sound head on her shoulders. She’s reportedly got her legs insured for an enormous $40 million! That’s a joke, of course. But she believes that her beautiful, toned legs are very crucial to her money-making abilities because, without them, she won’t be able to deliver her fabulous on-stage performances. If her legs are valued at that much, we could easily value her torso and her at $80 million, because why not, she needs those other parts as much as her legs to perform on stage. And what good are legs and arms if one doesn’t have a sound mind to be able to make use of them productively, isn’t it? There’s a long list of celebrities who couldn’t make it to the very end, because on the way, their mind stopped supporting them because of various reasons— drug abuse, depression, anxiety disorders, etc. Taylor Swift has been through a series of breakups, but she’s emerged victoriously from each of them. In fact, she’s made music on them and capitalised even those! $150 million for such mental strength and well-being. So, we’ve arrived at

$270 million

for her wholesome health.

Amazing Skills of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is not only gorgeous, but she’s great at what she does. She writes beautiful music and makes kickass songs out of them. Her last studio album 1989 sold over 1.287 million copies. And she knows how to mesmerize her audience with her phenomenal performances. She’s got style, attitude and charm. And she’s got a great stylist because she’s always looking drop-dead gorgeous. Her 1989 concert tour grossed $240 million worldwide! So, it would only be fair to evaluate her music making skills at a $150 million, and her performance skills also at $150 million, because the two combined make her a kickass superstar. And because she looks so beautiful performing and in other public appearances, we’ll add another $20 million for her carefully designed visual appeal. We also have to consider her entrepreneurial skills because she’s got some weighty endorsement deals with high-end brands like Apple, Elizabeth Arden, Diet Coke, etc. So we’ll add another $20 million to her net worth. Last, but not the least, she’s also appeared in a few movies. While she still is far away from being called an establish actress, but she has potential. So, $10 million towards her net worth for her acting skills at this point in time. So, in all, we are adding

$350 million

for her skills to her net worth.

Influence of The Amazing Taylor Swift

taylor swift net worth

Taylor Swift emerges a ranker when it comes to influence and voice on the social media. In fact, she has become a metaphor for effective social media marketing. Google Taylor Swift Social Media and you’ll find story headline like— “The Taylor Swift School of Social Media Marketing”, “The Taylor Swift Social Media Strategy Guide”, “The Taylor Swift Guide to Creating Compelling Content”, etc. And why wouldn’t she be? She’s got over 246 million followers in all on her social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and she has over 21 million followers on Youtube as of now. No doubt the diva rules the internet as well. If the worth of each of each of her followers is even 0.50 USD, then she has nearly $136 million worth of followers from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube! And we haven’t counted her email subscribers yet. Nearly $140 million added to her net worth for her influence and voice. *Whew*

Now we’ll add up all the figures from her financial assets, health, skills and social media. And the total is… *drumroll*

$1000 million

or $1 billion! Gold! And let’s not forget that net worth isn’t something static. She can add to it and she can bring it down. But from the trend so far, it’s quite likely that Taylor swift’s net worth will only climb upwards. Atta girl!

You could check out her mega-hit track Blank Spaces here:

Written by Vinnie Singh

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