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Tom Hardy Movies, Life and Career – 10 Facts

We all know and love Tom Hardy from his many successes in his movies as an actor. Having a number of Best Picture nominations to his name, he is regarded as one of the biggest leading men in England and in Hollywood. We all love his movies and his passion for art. Here are some lesser known facts about the handsome actor :

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1. Tom Hardy struggled with a crack cocaine addiction as well as with alcoholism in his early twenties but has been sober since 2003.

2. Tom Hardy had initially refused to read the script of the Revenant and had passed up on the role, but Leonardo DiCaprio convinced him to read the script of the Revenant and to take up the role of John Fitzgerald. The two have been very close friends ever since.

3. Tom Hardy is the only actor to have played the role of a villain in both, a Batman film and Star Trek movies.

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4. Tom Hardy carried off three-inch heels with suave for his role as Bane in the great Batman Series.

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5. The pinky finger of his left hand is permanently bent at an angle, owing to an accident he had in the kitchen. The actor stabbed a chopping knife straight into his finger and suffered an injury to the tendon in his little finger. It took the surgeons three operations to facilitate the closing of his fist, but the finger remains permanently bent.

6. Tom Hardy had gifted a dog, whom he named Max when he was a teenager. The dog died in 2011 after which Hardy admitted to being totally broken on his loss. The dog’s name was a tribute to Mad Max, a 1979 flick, in a sequel of movies in which Hardy played the lead character in 2015 movies.

7. Tom Hardy joined the Drama Centre London, in September 1998, but left it early to work on the 2001 film, Band of Brothers.

8. In his time at the Drama School, Hardy has Michael Fassbender as one of his classmates. The two appeared together in one of the best movies of all time Band of Brothers and Hardy is claimed to have declared that Fassbender was the best actor he had come across in school.

9. He grew up visiting the south of France with his parents and speaks French fluently.

10. Tom Hardy has a tattoo on his left arm, which spells out his agent’s name.

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