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Top Eminem Songs of All Time, Worth Falling in Love With

Eminem writes songs about his life experiences, and it’s a respectful thing. Most of his fans including me love Eminem just for this fact. He has the talent to document his life’s experiences on a piece of paper and then turn them into songs and make it a piece of entertainment. Eminem has won Grammy Awards fifteen times, and he’s the first rapper to receive the Academy Award for his original song Lose Yourself in the movie 8 Mile.
Eminem Songs

Eminem pours out his heart in every song he sings and puts it in front of the world, and we love it. People also call him the rap God. Every song of Eminem is special; It’s hard to select few of his songs and say that these are the best ones. Because truly, almost every song of Eminem is just awesome. But still, I would try to put five of my favourite songs on this list here and call them the best ones. And I bet that you can also fall in love with these songs. Here are the top five Eminem songs of all time.

“The Way I Am” (The Marshall Mathers LP, 2000)

In this song, Eminem is telling that how he feels when people approach him in the most uncomfortable situations and most inappropriate ways. He also shares some light on how record companies treat artists. How some media companies mess with the artists intentionally just to get some ratings. Along with that, the artist explains that he can get angry too, he’s just another human being. A must listen.

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Kill You (The Marshall Mathers LP,2000)

In this song, he’s fully against the bad girls. This is the best song to listen to when you are in a bad mood. Especially the ending words will make your day, “ha ha ha, I’m just playing ladies, you know I love you.”

Rap God Eminem is Back in The World of Controversy


This song is just a beautiful letter to Eminem’s daughter from her hard working dad. He has made an attempt to make his little girl understand the situations about the bad days. Everyone have bad days in life at some point. You just have to stay strong with a smile and keep going on. This kind of awesome songs is not made every day.

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Lose Yourself – 8 Mile

Without even a single doubt this is the most inspirational song ever made. This awesome song also bagged the Oscar award. The emotions in this song will give you goosebumps every single time if you listen carefully. You should have this one in your songs list.


This song just shows the amazing side of Eminem and a crazy side of an obsessive fan. A die hard fan named Stan sends letters to Eminem but as he gets a lot of letters it’s hard to response every single one. So Stan gets angry and kills himself along with his pregnant girlfriend. Yeah, the story is sad and highly emotional. Eminem tries to explain in the end but only to know a horrible news. An amazing song from all the songs there are.

Written by Pankaj Sharma

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