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Vin Diesel and His Son Shared a Message Highlighting The Positivity in This Tough Situation

The Bloodshot star Vin Diesel and his 10-years-old son Vincent Sinclair shared a positive message during Coronavirus widespread.

It’s a good thing to find positivity in tough situations and staying positive in every situation is essential in order to live a great life. Now that personality trait comes with a lot of practice.

Fortunately, we have people like Vin Diesel and his son in the world who are showing the positive side of this situation.

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The whole world is up against the coronavirus. But there are definitely some positive points to it. For example and from my personal experience. As you might have known that because of Covid-19, the whole country (the India) is under lockdown for 21 days.

It’s only been a few days of lockdown and I went out for like 2-5 minutes and the air quality is superb because there is no pollution in the city. No horns honking, so no sound pollution. Roads are cleaner than ever.

And it’s happening all over the world. The nature is flourishing. I came across one image on Instagram that brought happiness on my face but also made me sad because humans are dying. This image clearly explains that the mother nature is in a good position now, and it’s true.

Mother nature should always be flourishing, we should learn from this time of crisis as soon, and hopefully, it will be over. But we should take essential steps to nurture the nature.

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We just don’t have to do the things that hurt the nature / our precious planet. And the planet will take care of the rest.

Here’s the image that I am talking about.

Mother Nature

Now let’s know what Vin Diesel and his son said in the positive video.

“My son just came out of his Mandarin class, online Mandarin class. We just wanted to give a quick shout-out and a quick message to the world. What do we wanna say?” the actor asks the boy.

“We wanna say that as many ways as the coronavirus can be hurting us, it’s also helping us in more ways than it’s hurting us,” Vincent says. “And way number one, it’s making us feel like a global family. We’re all connecting in a way. Reason number two, we’re thinking about the things that we didn’t need but now we’re thinking about…we’re not thinking about the coronavirus because well, we believe that we’re going to be OK. We’re thinking about other things, like how we can help the world and how we can help each other.”

“We love you all,” Vin says.

Thank you so much E!Online for the transcription. I completely agree with what Vincent said in the video. The world has come together to fight this virus and that unity is just amazing.

I always wished the world to be ONE! But not because of fighting with some virus and losing lives. But because of the humanity.

Let’s hope after we defeat Covid-19, the world still stays together. And mother nature gets even stronger than it is currently today.

Now here’s the video that Vin Diesel shared on Instagram.


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Written by Pankaj Sharma

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