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Vin Diesel’ Twin Brother: Paul Vincent – Know All About Him

We all know this charming and buffed up actor, don’t we?

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Vin Diesel has the personality and the voice that would make any girl in the world weak in her knees.

We know a lot about the Fast and Furious star’s professional life, but the privacy-loving man has kept his personal life as tight as a knot you couldn’t open even if you put your ass to it.

Vin Diesel was born as Mark Sinclair. Recently, a story/frenzy ran all over the media when it came to light that Vin had a twin brother.

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Here’s how the story unfolded and what you need to know about Vin’s fraternal twin brother, Paul Vincent.

It Was Nothing But a Big Gaa-Gaa by the Media

Vin Diesel Twin Brother

As we all know the media these days runs short on real stories, so, they make their jobs easier by fabricating their very own rumours.

Sometimes, these fabricated lies are so stupid that even Mr Trump would look good in front of them.

The same thing happened here. The media took an already known fact and made it into a big ass story.

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It is well known that Vin Diesel was born to a successful astrologer and psychologist, Delora Sherleen Sinclair. Vin has never had the chance to meet his biological father. However, he was raised by Irving H. Vincent who is a theatre manager as well as an acting instructor.

Vin has three siblings, Paul, Tim and Samantha Vincent. Paul Vincent is Vin Diesel’s fraternal twin brother.

Even though the media got the name right, they were entirely off on the picture, and that’s when Vin had to take things into his own hands.

When Vin Diesel Introduced His Twin Brother To The World

Vin Diesel sails a tight ship when it comes to his and his family’s privacy. But seeing another guy get tormented by the media Vin had to break his silence. He just couldn’t let the poor soul suffer anymore.

The ‘Last Witch hunter‘ star decided to do a live stream and clear all the rumours surrounding him and his twin brother.

Vin, in a joking mood, explained to his fans:

“Sometimes you have to help out the press because they can be so off.”

He then pointed to the image of his so-called fuzzy hair twin and said while laughing:

“You all know what my twin brother looks like… so the whole press is trying to have fun, “We found Vin Diesel’s secret twin brother” — they’re so off, and it’s so unfair to this guy. I’ve never met that guy in my life. Stop torturing him. He’s not my twin brother.”

It turns out, Diesel was right. He turned his fans’ attention towards one of his Facebook posts from 2014 titled ‘The Two Pauls‘. The Facebook post showed two men standing next to each other in what looked like a film set.

One of the men in the photograph was Vin’s beloved friend and the late actor, Paul Walker. The other guy was Paul Vincent, Diesel’s real twin brother. Vincent had a head full of hair and a Salt & Pepper beard at the time which was quite the opposite of what his brother possessed.

Paul Vincent – What Do We Know About Him?

Well, we do know that Paul doesn’t like cameras and flashlights as much as his brother, as there is not much anyone except his friends and family knows about.

All that we do know is that Paul is a producer and has worked in the sound department in one of Vin’s short movies “Multi-Facial” which came out in 1995.

When the real pictures of Vin’s twin brother came out, he was an instant hit with the fans. The girls liked the Salt & Pepper hottie so much that they demanded that he feature in a movie with Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel referred to his Fast and Furious co-star Paul Walker as ‘Brother Pablo’ so as to not get him mixed up with his real brother Vincent.

Well, now we know something about Paul Vincent. If anything new comes up, we’ll probably be the first ones you hear it from.

Written by Pankaj Sharma

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