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Helping Less Privileged Kids

So many children are not privileged enough to eat healthy food and get the right education. And for the progress of a human being, both things good health and quality education are crucial. It makes me very sad to see such little children working at some tea shop or begging at traffic signals.

Some of the children go to school but they don’t have money to pay the fee.

Many of these kids don’t have parents or anyone who can take care of them.

I want to do something good for them. And the best thing we together can do for them is make them go to school for quality education, provide good food or if they get sick and need medical attention, we can then pay for their treatment.

So Wassup Celebs Charity is about providing quality education, good food and medical attention to the kids who need them the most.

How Does The Money Go to Kids

We provide entertainment news and well-researched articles about celebrities, movies, TV shows and Music. We display advertisement alongside or within the articles and generate income from that. As our website is new and it requires a lot of time and money to maintain and run a valuable website. So for the starting, 10% of our income goes to the Wassup Celebs Charity.

We will increase this percentage as we will hit our following goals.


  1. Reach to 80,000 Global Alexa Rank. The percentage we will increase: 20%
    You can check the Alexa rank of our website here.
  2. Reach to 40,000 Global Alexa Rank. The percentage will increase: 30%
  3. Reach to 10,000 Global Alexa Rank or lower. The percentage will increase: 40%

Note: Donations made via PayPal will contribute 50% to the charity and 50% in paying bills of the website and contributed to creating better content for the audience. You can make donations via PayPal below.

What is Alexa Rank and How To Increase It

What is Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank depends on a website’s traffic/visitors. More traffic a website gets, the lower its rank gets. For example websites like Google and Facebook stays on top with 1 or 2 Alexa Rank. They switch up and down frequently.

How To Increase Alexa Rank

You can contribute in increasing our website’s Alexa rank by simply sharing our content with your friends and family members. We have several posts already published on our website.

You can contribute to help children by just sharing our content.

Your One Share:

Can provide quality food to someone.

Can help someone educate.

Can help in paying someone’s medical bills.

Other Ways to Support the Wassup Celebs and It’s Charity

Affiliate Programs

Apart from advertisements, we have some approved affiliate programs. You can click on these following logo’s and buy anything from their website. We will get a commission from every sale. Doing that will also be contributing to our website’s income. And 10% of our earnings will go towards helping the kids. These websites are:

Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles



Contribute via Paypal

You can donate any amount via PayPal and 50% donated an amount from PayPal will go to charity regardless of Wassup Celebs’ Alexa Global Rank. And 50% amount will be invested in paying bills of the website and contributed to creating better content for the audience.

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Donations Via PayPal

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