Whitney Scott Mathers - Eminem's Daughter

Whitney Scott Mathers: 3 Mind-Blowing Facts About Eminem’s Daughter

Whitney Scott Mathers is one of the three lovely daughters of Eminem. She is growing up in a peaceful and friendly environment with her sisters and father. Whitney’s biological father is a drug addict. 

His actual life inspires almost all the songs of Eminem (Rap God). He never got shy about writing down about happening or difficult moments of his life. So that, he could sing those moments and share with the world.

And by doing this Eminem has secured a place in the heart of millions around the world. If you have listened to his songs, then you must know that he often sings about his daughters, mother, and wife.

It raises some curiosity in fans about knowing more about his personal life. What his daughters are doing at the moment, and what’s happening in the singer’s life. Eminem has three daughters, and this article is about his youngest daughter Whitney Scott Mathers.

I have gathered some interesting facts along with few hidden truths about Eminem’s daughter.

Whitney Scott Mathers Wiki

Whitney Scott Mathers - Eminem's Daughter

Whitney Scott Mathers was born on April 16, 2002, in St. Joseph, Missouri located in the United States. Her biological parents are Kimberly Anne Scott and Eric Hartter, but Whitney is living happily with Eminem. As the singer has her full custody.

Whitney is the youngest daughter of Eminem, and the singer loves her dearly.

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Why Whitney Scott Mathers Living With Eminem

Whitney is not the biological daughter of Eminem, but do you wonder that she is not living with her parents? One big reason is that her biological father Hartter is a drug addict and has been an ex-convict. Not much information about this is out there in public.

Whitney’s mother also has some legal issues, and she’s not capable of taking care of her daughter as Eminem can.

This is the reason Eminem holds the full custody of Whitney Scott Mathers.

Apart from that the rapper also holds the custody of Alaina Marie Mathers, and she is also his adopted daughter.

Alaina is the daughter of Dawn Scott, the twin sister of Kimberly. Dawn was also a drug addict, so much that her boyfriend Les said the following in an interview.
“Heroin, cocaine, Adderall. If it was a pill, she would take it. Klonopin were her downfall. She was swallowing them things like candy.”

On, Tuesday 19 January 2016 Dawn was found dead in her Motor City Trailer Park in Detroit of an apparent heroin overdose. She was 40 years old at that time.

Growing Up of Whitney

Eminem and Kimberly got married for the first time in 1999 but later on divorced in 2001. Eminem had developed a strong relation with Whitney, so he adopted her from Kim in 2002. She is staying with the singer since then.

I don’t exactly know when Eminem adopted Alaina from Dawn. And no information about her adoption’s period is available online. So, I cannot say since when Aliana is living with Whitney Scott Mathers and Hailie Jade.

But when he adopted Whitney, Hailie was living with Eminem. Hailie is the only biological child of Eminem, and her mother is Kimberly Anne Scott. She was born on December 25, 1995.

We can say that while growing up Whitney has spent more time with Hailie.

Whitney Scott Mathers and Hailie Jade

But Whitney has spent quite significant time with Alaina too. We can see a lot of images of the three sisters here. Currently, Alaina (24), Hailie (21) and Whitney (15) are living together happily at Eminem’s home.

Whitney Hailie and Alaina in Eminem’s Songs

Eminem is a great father and despite just Hailie being his biological daughter he loves his all three daughters equally. We can hear about his daughters in his songs. In his song ‘Going Through Changes,’ he mentioned his all three girls.

Hailie, this one is for you, Whitney and Alaina, too,
I still love your mother, that’ll never change,
Think about her every day, we just could never get it together

In another song ‘When I’m Gone’ he mentions Whitney indirectly.

Hailie just smiles and winks at her little sister, Almost as if to say

Alaina is older than Hailie and Whitney, so he was definitely referring to Whitney in those words.

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