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Will Smith’ Top 5 Highest Grossing Movies

Born on September 15, 1968, Will Smith is an American actor, producer and rapper having an astounding estimated net worth of $240 million. Turning the impossible into something possible, the actor was already a billionaire way before he hit the age of 20. Initially, gaining his fame through rapping as the rap star Fresh Prince, Smith paved his way through A-list Hollywood section by acting in various small and big screens, engraving his legendary acting skills in the audience’s mind. Here is a list that includes Will Smith’s top 5 highest grossing movies.

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5. Hancock

Directed by Peter Berg, a hardcore alcoholic finds himself of having certain superpowers which made him into being a “do-gooder”. His lifestyle is more of a rockstar than of a role model who turns himself into helping the humankind. It is one of his best movies and made approximately $251,439,400 at the box office.

4. Men in Black II

Agent J has become the most famous and a high-ranking member of a secret government agency which involved dealing with bizarre creatures from the other world, while his former colleague Agent K has lost his memory and is now working as a simple mailman leading a simple life. The movie shows how they handle an alien who holds the key to the world’s destruction. It is also one of the movies of Will Smith which made it to the top while making $259,572,600 worldwide.

3. I am Legend

The world is struck by a human-made virus as humanity comes down crumbling in this Gothic movie. Robert Neville is a brilliant scientist who is on his way to cure the world of this virus losing everything he ever had. The movie made approximately $290,854,000 at the box office.

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2. Men in Black

James Darell Edwards, a New York City cop is recruited by “K” after chasing down an alien down the streets. These men are assigned to catch hold on to a bauble stolen by a creature that is out of the world. The humanity is at stake until James and his new nerve wrecking partner catch the bad guy. The movie made almost $432,564,100 worldwide.

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1. Independence Day

The story begins with certain spaceships coming in contact with the Earth and being welcomed by the citizens. Little did they know that these creatures want nothing but the galaxy’s destruction and how the survivors unite with each other trying to save the human race. The movie made astonishing $548,609,500 worldwide. This is one of the best movies of Will Smith, as cited by him in one of his interviews.

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