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Will Smith Net Worth, Tax Evasion and Comeback!!

American actor, producer and songwriter, Will Smith Jr. is one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood. Initially Smith started his career as a rapper, but he earned fame only after he began acting. Often known as the Renaissance man of Hollywood, Will Smith became a millionaire at the age of 20 if we talk about net worth. He launched himself as a rapper with his DJ friend Jeffery Jazz. After doing a lot of music albums, in 1990 when Smith was bankrupt due to tax issues, he luckily got an acting offer which changed his net worth value. Today, Smith holds a net worth of $240 million.


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Over the course of three decades, Will Smith has become one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Producers don’t mind paying millions for this superstar because he hits the box office like never before and almost all of his movies have been a huge success and box-office hits.

Will Smith belonged from a middle-class family. His mother was a school teacher and his father was an engineer. Initially Smith got in MIT for preschool engineering program. But his passion for music left no choice than to start his own music album. His music albums were not very popular in America initially but they earned a lot of praise from overseas launch. Around 100 million dollars of amount were gathered with his music albums overseas. Within a few decades, Smith’s net worth became 100 million dollars from zero dollars. In 1990, Will Smith was charged with cheating the tax system. He got bankrupt and had a debt of 20 million dollars. However, with his sudden launch in Hollywood, Smith again gathered back his lost fame and got back into the game.

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With new movies and television shows, Smith was flooded with hoards of money and within three decades, the American actor now own $240 million in real estate and in cash. Smith, even after becoming a millionaire in his 20s and gaining too much fame he touched the ground level. But determined Smith did it all and proved his royal existence back in the industry.

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