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Winchester: Horror flick with Politico Drama, Disappointed Audience!?

Winchester – The House That Ghosts Built directed by identical twin brothers Peter and Michael Spierig, seems to enter the disappoint Zone.

Despite having a great star cast, comprising of Mirren and Jason Clarke., and a promising storyline based on real-life story, the movie is not getting the desired response.

The Spierig Brothers debuted in the 2000s with their sci-fi thrillers Undead and Daybreakers.

But their later endeavours Predestination and the Saw Revival Jigsaw were not so well received by the audience, and Winchester seems to join the bandwagon.

Mirren, the main lead of the movie explains that “I don’t categorize this as a horror film,” “I categorize it as a ghost story.

I think there’s a real difference between the two. And I think ghost stories have had a long and rather noble history in filmmaking.”

The plot of the movie revolves around Sarah Winchester, widow of William Winchester, a gun manufacturer.

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She hits an all-time low with the sudden death of her husband and child.

Upon receiving more than $20 million from her husband’s business, she begins building an enormous, never-ending mansion in San Jose, California.

She thinks that she is cursed by the souls of those who were killed by Winchester firearms.

Surprisingly the construction of the mansion didn’t cease for 40 years. This political twist to this tale hooked Mirren on this mystery-thriller.

“No one knows why she built that house,” Mirren said. “No one knows why two Shakespeare quotes are on stained glass panels there.

You read those quotes and you can’t quite [figure out] what she’s trying to say. So the whole thing is full of mystery and, of course, that’s fabulous for our story.”

“There was a line—I should remember this line because in a way the reason I took the movie was that this line was in the character’s mouth, but it’s a line relating to ‘It’s evil to profit from the sale of armaments and arms,’” Mirren said. “I felt that had such resonance.”

The movie released on Feb 2, and sadly the response was not as expected. The audience was far from frightened, in fact, they found it quite bland in taste.

It’s up to u to decide, and only one way to know the truth.

Go and see the big mansion of Winchester? do u see any ghosts? Do tell us guys.

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