Angelina Jolie with Kids

Yay! Mama Angelina Jolie Takes Her Kids For Shopping

Angelina loves her kids dearly just like any mother loves her children, she is no different. Seems like holiday season came early for the Pitt-Jolie kids. 

Angelina took her kids for shopping at Toys ‘R’ Us store. It was the 42-year-old actress with Vivienne, 9, her twin brother Knox, 9, and Shiloh, 11. Kids always have fun at toy stores looking and picking up cool things to play with.

Vivienne is known for her shyness for the camera. She was looking cute in a blue t-shirt and cargo pants, keeping hands in her pocket.

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The joy was clearly visible on Shiloh’s face as she was holding the bag filled with toys. She looked very happy and nice wearing a black hoodie.

It’s known that Knox, the twin brother of Vivienne was along with the pack. His cuteness remained away from the paparazzi lenses somehow.

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This was the trip of the little children of Jolie to the toy store. Older brothers Pax, 13, and Maddox, 16, are stepped into teenage years and possibly wouldn’t like to play with tiny toys. Their sister Zahara will be turning 13 in January 2018, she also didn’t go for this cute shopping spree.

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Angelina and Brad Pitt are going from tough time, it’s good that she got some time for her children.

Angelina Jolie Shopping With Kids

Source: Hollywood Life

Written by Pankaj Sharma

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