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Not So Young Harrison Ford Called Himself a ‘Schmuck’

Not so young Harrison Ford called himself a ‘Schmuck’ after crazy airport incident. Harrison Ford was almost involved in an accident that took place on the ‘taxiway’ instead of the runway. He nearly hit a Boeing Plane at a California airport. This incident happened last month.

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The 74-year-old actor was given the permission to land his single-engine plane on Runway 20L at the Californian Airport (John Wayne Airport in Orange County) on the 13th of February 2017. Instead of landing it there, he landed it on a parallel taxiway. Well, he is still young!!

His plane flew close to the American Airlines Boeing 737 that was present on the taxiway at that time and waiting to take off, with over 115 people on board! The flight managed to depart safely for Dallas just a few minutes post the incident.

When the Federal Aviation Administration released recordings of Harrison Ford’s conversations with the air traffic controllers. These recordings revealed that the actor was temporarily distracted due to the turbulence he experienced due to another aircraft.

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Then Harrison Ford proceeded to call himself ‘the schmuck who landed on the taxiway’, in front of the air traffic controller. This took place a few moments post the near-miss. The footage of this incident was released last month as well.

The Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said that an investigation was ongoing, related to Harrison’s Ford incident. This is because landing on a taxiway instead of a runway happens to violate some regulations.

The latest news is that Harrison Ford’s young son, Liam and wife Calista Flockhart accompanied the 74-year-old Harrison Ford on yet another flight in their Cessna 68- jet. This plane is much bigger than the aircraft that was involved in the near accident. They were spotted at the Santa Monica Airport all together looking excited to go on their trip.

Let’s hope Ford’s luck is with him and he makes only successful flights post this. He even had to crash land a plane on 2015 on a golf course in Venice, Los Angeles in his not so young days. This happened when the single person’s plane engine gave up! Harrison Ford was injured badly at the time – a broken pelvis coupled with a broken ankle.

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