Zoie Burgher - Luxe Gaming

Zoie Burgher: From a Filthy Goal to Luxe Gaming, A Professional Stream Team

For what Zoie Burgher has done and still doing, society will criticize her all her life. Zoie has paid her bills, her family’s bills, she has purchased a lovely home to live.

But her path was never the one that we can call a righteous one according to the religious books. 95% of the people will always be against Zoie for what she has done, and everyone has a fair right to not like her for starting a filthy trend among few girls on YouTube.

She is the first girl who promised her nudes to the world upon hitting one million subscribers on YouTube. She’s not the first girl to twerk, and she is not the first girl to stream wearing a bikini.

But she is definitely the first girl to get away with it and build a different kind of community of her own. Zoie is also known as the bikini streamer. She has got all kind of hate on YouTube. So much that she even created a playlist ‘who’s roasting me now?’ on her channel.

At this time she has over one million subscribers on her YouTube channel, and she does live gaming streams, occasionally.

She has built a team of professional steamers and named her company Luxe Gaming, LLC.

Zoie Burgher’ Affect on Female YouTubers

Zoie Burgher - Luxe Gaming

Zoie Burgher promised her YouTube subscribers that upon hitting one million subscribers, she would release her nude images online.

This was a new kind of thing for YouTube audience at that time. She got a positive and negative response but her trick to gain the subscribers fast worked like a charm.

She got the response so fast that she became confident and released her nudes while being close to hitting a million subscribers.

Things turned suitable for Zoie’s YouTube channel but without knowing she planted a seed of a new kind of plague.

Earlier this year one of the YouTuber Lena The Plug decided to take the goal one step further by announcing that she will release her sex tape upon hitting a million subscribers.

Zoie Burgher’s one former teammate Celestia Vega announced this January that she would do porn upon hitting one million subscribers.

Zoie’ Company Luxe Gaming LLC

Currently, Zoie’s company has four girls, and all of them lived under one roof, that is Zoie’s castle-like house. She lives there with her three teammates named, Abigale Mandler, Kiran and Linda Tena.

She has made a fair amount of money and was able to have a spot on TwitchCon. Rolling Stones wrote an article about her, including her success story.

Zoie Burgher is open to add more girls to gaming company, Luxe Gaming. They do the live gaming streams while wearing quite fewer clothes on their body. They would twerk in-between the streams and just play video games most of the time.

Zoie Burgher Doesn’t Run a Porn Company

She might have put the idea of doing porn or release a sex tape in some girl’s heads by her actions. But she is strictly against the idea of promising subscribers to release a sex tape or do porn.

But she is ok with releasing the nudes. Zoie made it clear when she kicked her mate (Celestia Vega) out from the Luxe Gaming because she promised to release porn upon hitting a million subscribers.

Watch this video to see her making the announcement of the termination of Celestia Vega from Luxe Gaming.

Zoie’ Rolling Stones Article

Basically, Rolling Stones‘ point seemed like justifying the steps which Zoie took to achieve the things she owns now and status where she is now.

Despite all the hate she gets, she did not stop, and she knows any kind of publicity is right for her because that will pay her bills.

To RS Zoie Burgher said the following, “I just see opportunities where girls have profitability based on their own image, and I want to help them own it without a man in between them. I want the girls to make more money off their own image, and their own personality.”

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